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Day trips 2019

Enrich your perfect holiday with a number of day trips to the islands of Brač and Hvar and to nearby towns... Explore Croatian culture and sail into an adventure.
Hvar - Palmižana
Glagolitic desert
Tour of the island of Brac
Excursion Krka National Park & Šibenik city

Organised tour of the island of Brač

Make the most of this unique opportunity to explore the ancient craft of stonemasonry. The tour includes a trip to the stonemasonry school in Pučišća, a visit to the Heritage Museum in Škrip and a trip to Vidova gora, the highest peak on the central Dalmatian islands.

Adventure tailored to your needs

More adventurous guests are encouraged to take independent tours of Brač by car, bicycle or scooter.

Apart from visits to the Blaca Hermitage and Dragon’s Cave, we would also like to recommend the following sites as an addition to your tour of the island of Brač,:


  • Franciscan Monastery, the Church of St Martin


  • view of Selca, Sumartin and Puntinak
  • Parish Church of Christ the King - a stone beauty
  • Statue of the Heart of Jesus by Ivan Meštrović
  • Little villages, miniature sheperd’s villages
  • Old parish Church of Our Lady of Carmel


  • Gothic Church of St Peter with an old pine tree on the apse
  • Nerežišća field in its original unspoilt state (Jurjevo Hill inland of Nerežišća)
  • The representative parish Church of Our Lady of Carmel is a treasure chest of valuable artwork


The sacred collection of St Peter’s Parish contains mosaics and relics from the period of Early Christianity and objects from the Venetian Renaissance.

Located in the renovated space of the former parish church, the collection comprises valuable items from the period of the Venetian Renaissance (16th and 17th century). You will be able to see items ranging from Early Christian mosaics, sarcophagi, photographs of settlements from late last century, to manuscripts, books, votive paintings of ships, grails and reliquaries.

To find out when the Church is open, please call the parish office on +385 021 631 329.

Škrip – Heritage Museum of the Island of Brač

Located in an old building where the Roman mausoleum is also housed, the yard also boasts the remains of Illyrian walls. Its archaeological, ethnographic and cultural-historical collection comprises more than 700 artefacts from the prehistorical archaeological sites in Škrip and Donji Humac. The collection from the Roman and Early Christian localities contains stone monuments from the Roman period, such as a relief with the figure of Hercules, an ancient mausoleum and parts of sculptures and buildings from Early Christian basilicas. Here you can see old fishing, stonemasonry and farming tools, traditional household tools, as well as manuscripts and photographs.

The Museum is open 9 am – 7 pm during the summer months and upon prior arrangement during the rest of the year. Tel. +385 021 630033


Ciborium from the Early Christian basilica (Lovrečina Bay)

The Church of St John the Baptist

„Moj mir“ Art Studio in Postira

This is where the sculptor Sandra Nejašmić keeps the collection of her sculptures made from rough stone. During summer, it becomes a place of gatherings, exhibitions, creative workshops, poetry evenings and other events.
This peaceful oasis can be reached on foot and offers views of the entire Brač Channel. Have a look at this artist’s interesting collection and stay for one of the evening programs.

Pučišća – The Museum of Stone

Pučišća is an inner island village that showcases the famous tradition of stonemasonry on the island of Brač and in Dalmatia in general. In this region, everything is stone and everything is made from stone. Stone intertwined with the fate and lives of many people here who used it to build local buildings and leave their mark.

Visit the Museum of Stone to see stone construction divided into several topics: geological presentation of the origin of the various types of rock on the island and their characteristics, stone as an element of the Brač landscape, the history of construction from ancient to contemporary times and the exploitation of stone.

Vidova gora Hill (778 m)

The highest peak on all the Croatian islands with great panoramic views of the other Dalmatian islands. Highly recommended for photographers.

The inland area of Brač is a place of splendor and true peace. In her dramatic, whirlwind game of creation, nature has gathered multiple beauties in the one place, creating lively and picturesque landscapes. .

The southern side of Vidova gora is steep, so Bol and the entire coastal area along with Zlatni rat Beach can be seen as if on the palm of your hand. Forest areas are widespread on the northern side of Vidova gora towards the inland of the island. This green Brač area is characteristed by the wild black Dalmatian pine tree (Pinus nigra, var. Dalmatica), characterised by a low ‘umbrella’ crown and which grows up to 30 metres high.

The pastures on the plateau are covered with aromatic herbs and are ideal for sheep, goat, mule and horse keeping.

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