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Dive into the depths of the sea and discover the underwater world of the island of Brač

Are you a fan of active holidays? If your answer is yes, then Bol is definitely the right place for you. If you are already an experienced diver, or if you want to learn more about diving, in Bol you will find exactly what you need. Diving is an amazing experience of weightlessness and the fun of watching the vast underwater world that absolutely everyone can enjoy!

Why Bol on Brač and Big Blue Diving?
• 20 years of diving experience
• Professional staff
• Good time and great company
• Clear sea and excellent visibility
• Fantastic underwater landscapes
• Diving courses of all categories (from courses for children to courses for diving guides)

Organized with the Big Blue Diving center located next to the Bluesun Hotel Borak, we offer:

1. Diving with your own or the center's equipment at 20 different locations around the islands of Brač and Hvar

Big Blue Diving uses Mares equipment, regulators, buoyancy compensators, diving suits, masks and flippers. They offer two Bauer compressors, a gas mixer and a large air bank for quick filling of bottles with air, nitrox and trimix. However, if you have your own equipment, feel free to take it with you so that we can set out together to discover the underwater world of the islands of Brač and Hvar.

2. Courses and licenses for beginners and advanced divers

We offer the following diving courses:

Discover Scuba
• No prior knowledge is required
• The first encounter with diving equipment for all lovers of the depths of the sea and the underwater world
• During the course, the participants will be diving with complete diving equipment under the guidance of an instructor or dive master up to 5m of depth
• The dive is performed from the Borak Beach, just below the diving center
• After the theoretical lesson and the introductory educational video, the candidates get acquainted with the equipment and dive for 30 to 40 minutes

We also offer an introductory dive in the pool of the Bluesun Hotel Borak, which is an ideal start for all children over the age of 10 and adults who want to get acquainted with scuba diving. That first experience is completely free! Candidates have the opportunity to try out the diving equipment and, under the guidance of an expert guide, breathe under the surface for about 15 minutes and experience their first sensation of weightlessness in the water.

Scuba Diver
• No previous knowledge or experience with scuba diving is required (possible for candidates as young as 10 years old)
• Three-day diving course with theoretical lessons
• Takes place in small groups under the guidance of a diving instructor
• Theoretical lessons provided (adoption of basic exercises necessary for safe diving)
• Going diving with a boat and diving to a depth of 12 meters
• The price includes the use of complete diving equipment and all learning materials
• Upon completion of the course, participants receive an internationally recognized diploma

Open Water Diver
• Possible for candidates as young as 10 years old
• No prior knowledge or experience of scuba diving is required
• A minimum of 6 dives are required as part of the course
• The duration of the course is 5-6 days
• Takes place in small groups under the expert guidance of a diving instructor
• Includes 6-11 interactive videos and basic diving exercises
• Dive from a boat
• Diving to a depth of 18 meters
• Upon completion of the course, an internationally recognized certificate from one of the diving associations is obtained

Advanced Open Water Diver
• From 12 years of age
• An OWD diploma is required to take the course
• As part of this course, dives from the shore and the boat will be combined with theoretical lessons
• As part of our regular offer we can single out the following specialties that will be part of the AOWD course:
- peak performance buoyancy
- navigation dive
- deep dive
- cavern dive
- night dive
• Upon completion of the course you will receive an internationally recognized diploma and you will be qualified for dives up to 30m

Scuba Rescue Diver
• From 15 years of age
• AOWD diploma is required to take this course
• It is necessary to complete a first aid course before or during the course
• The Big Blue Diving Center also offers a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider specialty course
• The "rescue diver course" is one of the most interesting and challenging courses offered
• areas covered by this course are:
- self-help
- recognizing stress in another diver and helping them
- emergency action
- rescuing a panicked diver
- rescuing an unconscious diver
• Upon completion of the course you will receive an internationally recognized diploma

Diving specialty courses
As part of our offer, you can also find courses in various diving specialties, the most sought after are:
• dry suit diving
• DAN Oxygen provider
• Deep diver
• Night diver
• Underwater Navigation
• NITROX diver
• Decompression diver
• TRIMIX diver
• Under Water Naturalist
• underwater photography

• In order to join this course, an RD diploma and a minimum of 50 dives is required
• If you want to accompany other underwater buffs and share new adventures with them, this is the course for you
• By completing this course, when you become a divemaster, remember that you are no longer responsible only for yourself, as was once the case, now you have become responsible for others
• When you become a diving guide, you take responsibility for the safety and fun of all the divers you accompany on the trip
• Your new obligation will be to plan dives for all participants, to apply emergency procedures, to react in a timely manner in case of an accident, but above all, to plan dives with anticipating all possible accidents in order to avoid them in advance.
• Knowledge of first aid, diving accident assistance and pure oxygen breathing is mandatory
• This is the first door to your teaching career
• Upon completion of the course, you will receive an internationally recognized diploma

Instructor course
• Big Blue Diving is one of the few diving centers that regularly holds courses for diving instructors
• Courses are held when needed
• The duration of the course is a minimum of three weeks
• During the course, the knowledge acquired in the DM course is revised and the skills of communication, sales and marketing of diving courses are additionally improved.
• Most of the courses are based on the acquisition of knowledge in pedagogy and training methodology for basic diving categories, primarily for OWD
• Participants are taught how to transfer basic diving skills and knowledge to future divers in the simplest and most interesting way possible

3. Full-day excursions and night dives

We offer daily diving excursions by boat as well as full-day excursions that are organized in accordance with the guests, or their interest and diving experience. At our diving locations it is possible to see a variety of fish such as: common two-banded sea breams, red scorpionfish, goby, John Dory, forkbeard, marbled electric ray, flatfish, mullet, Mediterranean rainbow wrasse, damselfish, conger, corals, as the most common for our locations - yellow gorgonians, red gorgonians, various shellfish – fan mussel, warty venus, Peter's ear shell, murices, scallops, dotted sea slug, flabellina, giant tun and many symbioses of slugs, shells and crabs, and at certain locations, we can expect to see seahorses, red lobsters and clawed lobsters, while octopuses are found in all locations.

What are the locations?
Babića stine, Brač
The distance from Bol is approximately 15 minutes by boat, behind Zlatni Rat on the coast of Brač, before Murvica. During the dive you will see the underwater ruins of a Roman villa with mosaics at a depth of 5 to 6m. At this location, there is a small wall and many smaller caves and holes that are a home for lush underwater fauna and flora. In addition to the mosaics, it is possible to see octopuses, a multitude of common two-banded sea breams, gobies, black scorpionfish, schools of smaller fish, a rich flora with numerous smaller corals and a variety of sea weed.

Golubinja spilja, Brač
The distance from Bol is approximately 15 minutes by boat, behind Zlatni rat. At this location, there are specific piles of scattered underwater rocks that form a hiding place for many animals. There is also an underwater cave where up to two divers can enter. The depth of the location is up to 28 meters. At the location, we can find many different gobies, cuttlefish, occasional conger and black scorpionfish, while the holes are ideal hiding places for a number of smaller fish and crabs.

Smočiguzica, Hvar
The distance from Bol is approximately 30 minutes by boat. After the anchoring in the bay, it is necessary to dive and swim below the sea surface in order to reach the cape. The ridge wall descends to a depth of 55 meters. The ridge itself is located 50m from the shore. At this location, currents can be found at shallower depths. The ridge is full of depressions, holes, crevices and boulders. It is filled with an abundance of gorgonians and other fish. What is unique about this location are the numerous schools of common two-banded sea breams, many red scorpionfish and the occasional conger, forkbeard, and lobsters and octopuses on the way to the reef. Numerous shellfish can be found on the sand-covered bottom.

Kabal, Hvar
The distance from Bol is approximately 45 minutes by boat. Below Cape Kabal, there is a very inviting underwater passage that will not leave anyone indifferent. The opening in the Starigrad Bay itself is located below the lighthouse steps at a depth of 5m, and the other opening is on the opposite side of the cape at a depth of 17m. The winding tunnel is easy to pass through and there can be two or three divers in the tunnel at the same time. It is necessary to bring lamps to the location since the exit is not visible from the entrance. This location is a combination of a tunnel and a wall with a sandy bottom at 55m of depth. In the tunnel, make sure not to touch the sandy bottom with your flippers so as not to reduce visibility. The walls and ceiling of the tunnel are rich in corals, stalagmites and stalactites, so it is necessary to pay attention to buoyancy so that they are not damaged. It is possible to see sponges and cnidaria.

For more inspiration, watch the video taken on the island of Brač

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